It’s official, Cybernetimals are going to Maker Faire

Just got the word that my application for a table at the Waterloo Mini Maker Faire has been accepted. That means the Cybernetimals are going to meet the public. Yippee!

Since I want to have attendees be able to make their own Cybernetimal to take home, I’m looking for donations of gently used, clean and smoke-free stuffed animals and electronic waste parts (cables, small circuit boards, mechanisms, etc.). As well, I’m hoping to find an assortment of needles, stitch rippers and scissors… I have some, but the more I have the more people will be able to work at the same time.

If you have anything you would like to donate to the cause, let me know at

Thanks! Maker Faire is going to be monumental!

New blog by local paper maker

Kevin Martin, a local paper maker from New Dundee and friend of Kwartzlab has started up a new blog. In a short time he’s compiled several posts on his adventures in printing press repair and restoration. For makers and anyone interested in printing techniques or paper making, this looks like one to watch. Well done Kevin!

Check it out at

Easter egg creations

droid_egg The family tried some Easter egg creations this week. We were going to try some natural dyes, but opted for the quicker food colouring route, and we used some wax from a soy candle as a resist on some. It worked fairly well, but as you can see from my attempts, a finer brush and a steadier hand could have done better. We emptied the eggs of their contents first by using a push pin on either end to make holes, then blowing out the contents, filling with water and rinsing… not the easiest thing to do, but it worked. We sealed the openings with a bit of wax to hopefully keep any residue inside.smile_egg

Mini Maker Faire coming to the Region of Waterloo

wmmf It’s official. The Region of Waterloo is getting a Mini Maker Faire. June 15th, 2013 is the date. Kitchener city hall is the place.

Check out the official site at for updates. Follow them on twitter with @WaterlooMMF.

If you’re a maker and want to show off your creations, get in touch with them. If you’re a vendor that has stuff to sell to makers, get in touch with them. If you’re a speaker and want to talk to makers, get in touch with them. If you’re at all interested in what the maker movement is all about, then plan to attend.

It’s going to be great!