DIY Robocars meetups in Canada?

Bubbles the robot I’ve had a long standing interest in autonomous vehicles dating back to my college days. Check out “Bubbles” the robot. I worked on “her” as part of a team of 3. She was able to roam the halls of the college, mostly avoiding bodily contact with her handlers (sorry Jordy and James, I’m sure the bruises didn’t take long to heal). Good times, good times.

Recent co-op student interviews gave me a window on some interesting mechatronics projects that brilliant University of Waterloo students are working on. That got me thinking about DIY Robocars meetup events in the States. Why are there no groups here in Canada? We have an abundance of techies in our area that love to tinker. I don’t have the time (or admittedly the self discipline, confidence, people skills) to start and maintain such a group, but the Region of Waterloo could surely sustain something like this.

What do you think?

Update 2018-09-22: Looks like there are a couple groups in Canada now. The page lists one in Calagary and one in Ottawa. Is the Region of Waterloo next?