Minion tree ornaments

pile_o_minionsFor some crazy reason I started collecting minion toys from McDonald’s Happy Meals years ago… maybe it has something to do with the way I feel in this work-a-day world we live in? Maybe because I feel like I needed a minion army of my own to order around? Maybe I just couldn’t stand to see those banana-yellow faces staring up at me from the 10 cent basket at the thrift store?

I had always planned on making some type of art installation with all of these little buddies, but they just kept piling up. This year, I finally did something with (at least some of) them. I used the smallest drill bit I own to make holes in their shiny (and sometimes bumpy) little heads. Then I turned in some screw hooks and added them to our holiday tree. I’ve still got a tonne left. Maybe someday they will end up somewhere more glamorous, but this will do for now.


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