We need your help for our first Stuffanomaly

We got accepted to bring Cybernetimals to Maker Expo 2016, but this year we’re not concentrating on the scavenged electronics parts as much on the disassembly and reassembly of stuffed animals. We’re updating the name of the project. Here’s some new terminology to get us started…

Stuffanom – A stuffed creature of your own unique design, made from the rendered parts of other stuffies and whatever else you can find.
Stuffanomaly – An event where stuffanoms are made.
Stuffanomaler – A person that makes stuffanoms (that’s you, if you can make it to Maker Expo).
Stuffanomalist – A person who studies the making and extraordinary lives of stuffanoms.

All of this sounds great, but this post is really about getting ready for Maker Expo. We need donations of clean, used stuffed toys, fabric, craft supplies, etc. for use exclusively at Maker Expo. We had a huge box of stuffies at the last maker event we attended, and there wasn’t much left but crumbs at the end of the day, so the more the merrier. Please leave a comment if you’re able to help out.

Even if you can’t help with donations, be sure to attend on Sept. 10th. It’s going to be great!