Cybernetimals 2016 Maker Expo

Last week I submitted my proposal for bringing Cybernetimals back to the people… well, to Maker Expo to be specific. I haven’t heard back if it will be accepted or not, but I’m hopeful as I’ve had some good feedback from one of the organizers. It was a lot of fun when we had the booth at the KW Maker Faire, and there was hardly a dull moment with kids (of all ages) at the tables until the very end.

This year, I’m hoping to use less e-waste and more crafty type of materials for augmenting stuffies (some of the parts we used previously were too sharp for the younger kids). I’m also thinking about some simple electronic additions, if I can get some sponsorship and if there’s time to order parts. If you have any ideas for that, leave a comment.

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